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Crespi Crespi

The Crespi family tradition as oil producers has old roots: cadastral documents show that it owned olive groves and two oil mills already back in 1770.

So, solidly planted roots, and a company success story that’s worth looking at in greater detail.

The company’s modern-day history begins in 1914 when Giacomo Crespi, the founder, was awarded a Gold medal at the International Expo of Genoa “for its very fine olive oil”. And then, over the years, lots of hard work, two world wars, and slow yet inexorable growth.

However, the company’s new life began in the Fifties. It’s almost a paradox since those were the years in which a crisis swept through the agricultural sector. A crisis that nearly affected the Crespi family which, up to that point, had been producing for third parties.

Livio was attending university and commuted between Ceriana and Genoa. He loved literature and poetry. But the company needed him and so, suddenly, he decided to take control of the situation, getting his two brothers involved in the initiative: «We have to become our own producers», and this idea became an imperative.

A few days later he reached an agreement to sell some olive oil to Asti - and he didn’t even know how to bottle it. He rolled up his sleeves and got down to business, buying an old Dodge and other equipment. The oil got to Asti on time.

Young Crespi bought a hill with olive trees. Then he began to cut the trees: one yes, one no. After three years, the olive trees that once produced a handful of olives, and only at the top, now seemed to be bending over under the weight of their precious fruit.

Oil production in 1960 was followed by the production of brine-cured olives. Dried tomato production began in 1978, according to the old Ceriana tradition of drying tomatoes on balconies and terraces.

These activities were soon followed by the production of pesto, olive paste and all the other products currently sold by the company.

From the Fifties to the present, the history of Crespi and his company represents one of the most original and interesting industrial experiences. A special history based on real savvy as well as simple yet incredible intuition. But, above all, on profound family pride, and a singular awareness of one’s past. We put the name Crespi on all our packages of oil, olives and pesto - points out Livio Crespi. And we would never put it there, if we weren’t absolutely certain of the quality of our products.

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